MECCA’s retail store offers art and craft supplies, scraps and discards at low prices to be reused creatively. All proceeds support our mission of diverting waste from the landfill and bringing them into our community’s creative endeavors.

MECCA has an extensive collection of supplies ranging from new items, vintage and collectibles, local art on consignment, used and recycled materials. Count on our inventory to change daily as new donations come in.

You’re sure to find:

  • painting and drawing supplies for all ages and skill levels

  • textiles like fabrics, yarn, notions, buttons, knitting needles, and roving wool

  • jewelry, beads, and gemstones

  • art paper and scrapbooking supplies

  • stationery, office and school supplies

  • naturals like wax, essential oils, molds, dried flowers, and ingredients for soap and candle makings

We also have a wide and ever-changing selection of recycled materials like magazines, corks, tile scrap, containers, egg cartons, bottle caps, cardboard tubes, and more.

These items are always FREE for educators and pay what you can for the general public.


Lexi, retail manager
Started working at MECCA in 2018

I love finding and being inspired by interesting and unique materials at MECCA. Talking with local artists, sharing tips and tricks on incorporating unconventional materials into art are all great parts of working at MECCA. I make large scale paintings, 2.5D collage and creating immersive full scale event decorations. Stones, bones and jewelry (especially enamel pins) are my favorite materials at MECCA. When not at work I like to one-wheel FAST, garden, re-watch Star Treks, and listen to music on 11.

Mary,cashier/retail assistant
Started working at MECCA in 2019

Making a difference in the community and the kind customers are my favorite parts of working at MECCA, I also love getting people good deals on craft supplies. I do embroidery, make jewelry, drawings and spray paint art. I enjoy seeing gemstones, fancy paints and jewelry come through the MECCA donations. When not at MECCA I hike, craft, see live music and spend time with friends.

Alessa, cashier/retail assistant
Started working at MECCA in 2023

My favorite part of working at MECCA is connecting with other creatives and seeing those familiar faces come into the store (especially when they bring their dogs!). I love seeing vintage photographs, jewelry and unique items such as skeletons come through MECCA. When not working at MECCA I work in performing arts management and make music. Most recently I assisted the Eugene Opera’ with their production of Handel’s Acis & Galatea as production designer and props master.


Isaac, middle and high school art teacher in partnership with Network Charter School
Started working at MECCA in 2021

My favorite part about working at MECCA is finding treasures to transform. I also love seeing the kids get excited when they reveal their prints. I personally make watercolor illustrations and cartoons. Bristol board, watercolor paper and printmaking supplies are my favorite things to see come through MECCA donations. When not at MECCA I play keyboard and banjo.

Molly, warehouse coordinator
Started working at MECCA in 2019

I love seeing all the cool things that people make with our materials. I work with naturals such as dried flowers, bones, moss and pretty much anything you can find on the forest floor. My favorite things to see come through MECCA are bones. When not at MECCA you can find me hiking, attending concerts, reading and baking.

RaNae, volunteer coordinator
Started working at MECCA in 2019

The creativity that MECCA inspires is fun to watch. I make mixed media pieces, jewelry, body butter and felted soap. My favorite materials at MECCA are jewelry and jewelry making supplies. When not at work I like to hike, garden, reading, creating and spending time with our doggos.

The bio for Executive Director Heather Campbell and a list of Board Members can be found on our “About” page.