MECCA exists as a resource to makers, artists, and educators in Lane County and could not exist without the generous support from our community. Thank you for your support!

Help support creative reuse programs that inspire our community to think sustainably and creatively.

Financial contributions provide the critical support we need to:

  • keep materials out of the waste stream

  • further our education and artist services programs

  • donate materials to educators

  • keep both materials and programs affordable and accessible

Your contribution matters. Please consider a monthly, recurring gift that provides MECCA with a stable flow of support throughout the year.

Your donation helps divert materials from the waste stream and fuels creative reuse, plus its tax deductible!


MECCA’s store operates entirely on donations and we accept new or used art supplies, recycled materials, and creative supplies.

Donations are accepted at the rear of our building.

Contact us if your company generates a lot of material waste that could be used creatively.

Donation Hours

Donation hours are Wednesday-Saturday 11-5, we recommend calling to ensure that we can accept your donation. We are limited by space and tend to fill up on items quickly.

Please DO NOT dump donations outside our building.

Donations We Do Accept
  • Textiles and fiber: fabric remnants, batting and stuffing, yarn knitting, needles, crochet hooks, leather scrap
  • Sewing notions: ribbon, thread, binding, zippers, buttons, clasps
  • Books: art books, instructional books, coloring books
  • Paper and vinyl: large format art paper, construction paper, copy paper, scrapbooking paper, vinyl, contact paper, notebooks, sketchbooks, folders, envelopes, greeting cards, postcards
  • Gift-wrapping supplies: boxes, bags, bows, ribbon, wrapping paper
  • Scrapbooking tools and embellishments: stickers, glitter, embossing supplies, stamps and stamp pads, paper punches
  • Mixed-media supplies: bottle caps, corks, keys, film canisters, puzzles, feathers, googly eyes, bells, clocks
  • Adhesives
  • Crafting tools: scissors, rulers, hand tools, small corded tools, hardware
  • Drawing and sketching supplies
  • Paint (all kinds) and paint supplies: brushes, paint palettes, canvases, easels, picture frames
  • Screen printing: ink, screens, brayers
  • Jewelry-making supplies: beads, wire, cord, watches
  • Clay and sculpture-making supplies
  • Candles, soap-making supplies
  • Nature crafting: shells, dried and faux flowers, wreaths
  • Musical instruments
  • Stained glass
Donations We Don't Accept
Donations in poor condition, including moldy, mothballed, dirty, smoke-damaged, stinky, or otherwise unsanitary items or items damaged by weather, pets, or critters.

  • Clothing, clothing scrap, or shoes
  • Bedding, curtains, or dishes
  • Medical waste
  • Pinned fabric
  • Meat trays
  • Most electronics
  • Dead batteries
  • Construction or building materials.
  • Hazardous waste of any kind, including unlabeled paints, oils, cleaners, adhesives, etc.
  • Dried paint, brushes, or glue.

Please don’t dump any donations by our door. The donations get destroyed and more than that, it just looks bad.


MECCA volunteers help make a difference and give back to your community.

We are recruiting volunteers to help us:

  • sort and organize donations

  • work front of house

  • light cleaning

  • help with educational programs

Have any questions? Feel free to contact us!

There are many ways to support MECCA outside of material and financial donations! Some of the easiest ways to support us are to:

  • let a teacher friend know that MECCA has free art supplies for their classroom

  • attend a workshop

  • bring a friend to our second-hand art supply shop

  • give us a follow @meccaeugene

  • like and share our posts

  • sign up for our email newsletter

  • bring a child to our kid’s workshops to teach them the value of art and recycling